ActFas Offer a range of services

South Australia & Western Australia
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Non-Emergency Transport

ActFas is a Private Non-Emergency Low Acuity Licensed Ambulance Service.

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Our team at ActFasTraining deliver a range of Nationally Accredited Courses.

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First Aid Kits & Supplies

We offer a range of First Aid kits & Supplies to suit every need.

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Event Medical

Our professional staff of Paramedics to First Responders, Ambulance Officers to Nurses are ready to provide coverage at your event.

ActFas has branched out and are now conducting First Aid Training & Event Medical in Western Australia ( Contact Travis: 0498 658 214).


Keep Calm and Take a First Aid Course
SA & WA First Aid Training (on site training & group discounts avaliable)
  • Provide First Aid

  • Provide an Emergency Response in an Education and Care Setting

  • Occupational First Aid

  • Perform Rescue from a Live LV Panel